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Starting 2021 with a new blog!

by Jurgen Van de Perre

One of my intentions of 2021 was to get a new blog up and running. The last few years, I focussed mainly on my career and remodelling of our house. This took up most of my evenings and I couldn’t find the time to get some content on a blog. Recent events in 2020 (COVID) have changed my perceptions on time and made me reinvent myself again.

Therefor, I am now starting a new blog, not solely on my virtualization experience but also on my hobbies and personal life events. This might keep the momentum going and get me more content on this site. Mainly this blog will still be used as a knowledge gathering portal for my own use as well as to contribute back to the community.


I will not do paid reviews or promote anyone’s technology in my blog for financian gain.

My thoughts and posts are all about first hand experience, or reliable facts from other sources which are worth mentioning.

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